Sunday, February 10, 2008

Time to Release!

I could never mention any single words other than EMPOWERED. Although I didn't know precisely how the scene looked like back then, but I could almost feel the urgency of positivity raging from the past. Sense of direction that would perfectly shape the current scene and leave something crucial to be marked on the music map. Straight edge emerged as a movement, more than what Ian Mackaye had ever expected at first. Straight Edge has became something that creates bond across worldwide, from each and every continent around the world, you could almost notice there's at least one/two edge kids and that's kinda making me feel more inspired. Music is a vehicle of revolution, that can be used perfectly to bridge our passion. It can be seen from the growth of many hardcore bands around the world, that no matter how many bands have disbanded, at the same time there are new bands out there that keep playing hardcore/punk as their music. And that indicates, how hardcore lives on throughout the year, since its seminal birth in the early 80s.

For further readings on the straight edge: go here!

La Rainville.

Looks like shit's getting too fucked up at the moment. Today I went shopping with some of my fellow mates, and then when I came out of pasar baru...all I saw was this huge stormy rain which turned out to be so bad and windy. It was crazy, we run like hell in order to get inside my car. Dang! can we predict the weather? I don't think we could, I mean look at all this shit, one day we got full sunshine...and tomorrow after that, it pours all over. So I wonder, what's up with the weather, is this a severe phenomenon of global warming? I still don't know. But I do believe, we can not point our fingers and blame it on the weather, because this is nature man, you can't fuck with one could. So, I suggest y'all to drive safe. I'm out

Friday, February 8, 2008

can't stop, won't stop.

Chk..Chec...Checckk, one..two...three....aight, I might not get a master degree in hiphop philosophy or anything like that. But there's one thing about hiphop that makes me can not and will not ever stop listening to the beat, the rhyme and the feel. I know for some of you, hiphop might just feel like a pointless shouts of words that sound pretty much the same, but to me it's a totally different thing you know. Hiphop might be dead by now, but the fresh air keeps breathing throughout the years. At the first time, I used to not liking hiphop this much and began to have doubts over such thing as "rap/hiphop/black music", but in the past two and three years behind, I felt like I should admit how black music really has, it has somekind of something that others don't. Yeah, I'm speaking about the cultural aspect and the social aspect behind the movement they called "hiphop". Hiphop is and was being used as tools of fighting racism, police brutality and keeping up with life. I'd say hiphop has the same weight as far as what hardcore/punk does to preserve the word "old skool mentality". Issues like relationships, socio-political views, anti-fascism, anti-racism, or even simpler things like getting up everyday. Yeah, that's what I find interesting about hiphop and beyond, not just the beats that keep our feet stomping, but more than that, the history behind all of this that stands out so loud in my ear.

"don't sweat the techniques" - Rakeem.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sick Fix - Self Titled EP

Sick Fix comes from Washington, DC. they're basically a hardcore/punk band, playing thrashy and fast kind of straight edge hardcore. Influenced by good dosage of early 90s outfit like Infest and late 80s bands such as Youth of Today and Judge. Oh and btw, they have a furious female singer named Michelle. As what she said "mosh hard or eat a bag of dicks". Now do it!


The Carrier - One Year Later

Several dudes from Boston playing hardcore with intensity and integrity. The Carrier is such a tremendous treasure outta hardcore scene, combining sincere melodies and aggressive hardcore sounds. By far, I'm hooked up and so psyched everytime I listen to these dudes. Oh well, enough for the talk. Now it's your turn to give it a listen :)


The Ergs! - The Ben Kweller EP

If it aint for the fun, I'd mostly skip the run. This time, the fun is on the hand of these several dudes of The Ergs! who happened to sound pretty much like Descendents, but definitely stands up on their own signature of poppy punk anthems and hilarious song deliverance. The Ergs! emerged to the scene with the hope of reviving those spectacles punk, like what Minutemen and Descendents done long time before Good Charlotte or Fall Out Boy even made an impact on MTV and such. So, I'll just leave the link and see how you guys go with it, there's nothing to be afraid of. Have a go!