Thursday, April 24, 2008

Review Film: Into The Wild

Wicked Scenery, Great Screenplay, Top notch performance, and it's based on true story. Oh well, I'm out for words to describe how powerful this movie is, it blew me away and may as well be one of my all time favorite movies. SICK!

The story's's about this college kid named Christopher Mccandless (later in the film changed his name to Alexander Supertramp) who gave up all of his post-graduate life to pursue his highest dream to conquer the wilderness in Alaska.

"Job is 20th century's invention, I don't want one"

rating: 9/10

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bitter End - Climate of Fear

This is by far one of the best new records on hardcore scene today. Storming all their way from San Antonio-TX, Bitter End plays furious hardcore in the vein of old Biohazard, Breakdown and lots of NY touch that can be heard from their tunes, even Leeway I should say. This band is the deal, get into it!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Big Youth - Screaming Target

Been listening to this shit, great dub/roots tunes. Manley Augustus Buchanan aka Jah Youth, rocking up the bass since 1970s.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Review Film: No Country For Old Men

Seriously, watch this shit. It's worth your time! Coen bros know how to explore the depth of human's mind and set sail to the devil to show his true face. I'd consider the movie as epic as their old movies like Fargo or the unforgettable Lebowski. As far as I'm concerned, this movie has won several grammy's and I did not doubt any single decision of that because when I saw this, it completely blew me the fuck away. Well, the story's pretty simple but the complexity of character and the way those characters connected inside the web of temptation, raging murderous, greed, even a slightly touch of cynicism really gave this movie something to think of. It all began when Moss (played by Josh Brolin) discovered several dead men under the trunk of dope and cash. He took the cash, and now he had to face his consequences of playing the deadly cat and mouse game. It's insanely good thriller with dark screenplay, oh btw this shit won the best picture on grammy's. So why not give this pal a shot? you should do.

rating: 8/10

I Wanna Go To Where the Action is....

So, as what my guitarist has told me couple days ago, we finally managed to get the spot to record our stuff and it's gonna be approximately within less than two weeks and I'm way too stoked for this shit. RECORDING DAY, gentlemen! yay. The first session would be on May 3rd and the second session would be on May 10th. So stay tune for more details and such. Thanks for reading btw (or if you don't).

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


yeah, fuck routine. need I say more? oh and another thing...I'm desperately wanting to be with someone, it sucks just to realize i had to have lunch by myself, it's been 4 years down to nothing....4 goddamn years and I feel like digging my own grave. sometimes it's good just to look at the rain and say: I want to feel this young (again). but seems like it doesn't work on me.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

a cold day in hell.

I watch these lights as they blow
summer feels like a sudden low
can't help but to sink and row
this halo has lost its glow

I'm falling deeper than the ocean
have I lost my youth and sold myself?
I'm falling deeper than the ocean
have I lost my youth and sold myself?

can you feel this wound
I sometimes despise this round
life seems so far away (off the ground)
oh lord, grant me with your hound

I walk these feet as they shiver
summer feels like a death transmitter
can't help but to stop feeling younger
all along, I see dead pacifier