Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'm leaving to Japan.

See y'all sooner or later, keep blowin' da cool all over places. stay dope!


Friday, July 18, 2008

Alpha & Omega - Devil's Bed

Hailing From Los Angeles/Cali, Alpha & Omega plays no joke of straight heaviness drawn from pure unadulterated hardcore in the veins of the almighty Cro-Mags, Integrity, early Biohazard, Leeway, and Bulldoze.

For Fans of Blacklisted, Iron Age.



New Last.Fm Lacks Big Tyme! and I wonder why all my fucking recently played tracks are off sight. Sigh*

"Punks" According To Fucked Up.

1) Gutter Punks: Can't afford to make mohawks, so they have natty dreads and live on moving trains and also in "gutters".

2) Whacktivists: Are "punks" but don't listen to music - are more interested in making politics. Have punk style but listen to Indigo Girls and Ratatat.

3) Skinheads: The racist kind - are fat and wear Lonsdale clothes from outlet malls and have short girlfriends. Listen to obscure UK and Canadian racist oi music on CDRs.

3) Posers: Listen to punk music like the Sex Pistols but also Rage Against the Machine. Are mostly in highschool. They wear punk/goth clothing like leather jackets (new only) but also black bell bottom jeans and wierd shaped sunglasses.

4) Old Punks: Wear 20 year old tshirts because they spent all their money on records and have no jobs so they can't afford to look sharp. Have strange jobs and did zines a long time ago. Have grey hair and/or are balding and make everyone else feel depressed at shows and worried that they are looking at their own future.

5) Hardcore Punks: Wear only band tshirts and cut off shorts. Very short cropped hair. Super clean and carry deodorant in a bag with them.

6) Hipster Hardcore Punks: Like above, but also wear "limited" baseball caps, xxxlarge tshirts and "limited" shows. Only listen to Lil' Wayne and some modern Hardcore bands.

7) Indie Punks: Wear grunge clothes, but a little tighter. Move very slowly and smoke lots of weed and are super "Creative". Also ride bikes everywhere.

8) Punks: Who knows what they look like, or who they are.

9) Hipster punks: Like mostly dance music like Uffie and Daft Punk, but also some punk bands that are amazing (Fucked Up) and are able to transcend boundaries. Wear mostly clothes from American Apparel, and also only work at American Apparel, or Vice Magazine (interning only).

10) Fucked Up: Wear only free Fred Perry, Evisu, Burberry, Ben Sherman, and G9 Harrington Jackets, and other selected vintage styles.


Mr. X : Eh iya, lo anak mana?
Me : Gw Dkv.
Mr. X : Oh Dkv, angkatan berapa?
Me : 2005.
Mr. X : Elo suka dengerin musik kenceng ya?
Me : (hanya tersenyum)
Mr. X : Lo pernah denger Dir En Grey ga? keren tuh band metal jepang.
Me : (hanya terdiam terpaku setelah mendengar jawaban)
Mr. X : Kalo Gackt?
Me : Oh iya, pernah denger namanya doang sih, ga begitu tau gw.
Mr. X : Trus lo sukanya dengerin yg kyk apa?
Me : Hardcore Punk sih mainly, tp gw into apa aja koq, asalkan nyangkut di kuping.
Mr. X : Disturbed?
Me : Uhm, nope......(sempat terdiam utk beberapa saat)
Mr. X : Klo Slipknot? mereka hardcore iya kan?
Me : (no comment)


Monday, July 14, 2008

Friday, July 11, 2008

Recording Day (Session 2)

Yeap, we're gonna be having our second recording session on Saturday, and that'd be putting up more guitar layers and I'm gonna do vocal duties. Honestly, I'm a bit nervous not knowing how this shit will turn up, but I'll try my best to make a positive attempt. I could never thank enough for those who's been helping us out since day one, we owe you the world.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Some Photos From MG Show!

*All photos were taken by Natasya Gabriella Tontey.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bridge Over Troubled Waters.

Why do I suddenly feel this "tug-of-war" game inside my head when I'm talking to her (again) after we didn't speak to each other for like ages. It's harder to breathe when you're conscious. It's even harder to let things go.

Motown's Golden Boy : Marvin Gaye.

Criminally underrated. If you ain't recognize him, you're a complete wack.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Coke Bust - Fuck Bar Culture.

Coke Bust comes from Washington D.C and they play awfully fast and raging "in your face" straight edge anthems in the veins of Ripcord, Youth of Today and Infest.


Fucking Stoked!


Pe(a)ce 'Til Death.

The Sugar Hill Record Story.

Before D.M.C was super-hyped, there was The Sugar Hill Gang! Fresh from da cut.
Get into it!

DL - Disc 1
DL - Disc 2
DL - Disc 3
DL - Disc 4
DL - Disc 5

Password for disc 5 is gospel@pirateclub

Public Service Announcement Volume 1.


Friday, July 4, 2008

Recording Sess #1 (30% Done)

Yeah, we've recorded almost all the drum tracks, several guitars and bass tracks. Hopefully by the end of our next shift at the studio, we'd be able to finish some more. Thanks to all the fellas who helped us out and sticking at the studio, especially Andri for letting us borrowed the guitar. Cheers, mate!

Moshington D.C Killed It.

Magrudergrind Show was fucking dope. They played really intense, great drummings...energetic vocals, it couldn't be done much better. Vicious might not be enuf to describe their set that day, classic fuckers. Well, I really hope they'd fly all the way back to Indonesia for another show.

Oh and one more thing Chris, Puuuhhhlease bring along Coke Bust and Blank Stare the next time you visit Indonesia :P