Monday, September 24, 2007

guilt parade.

hit the streets, with empty hands (and naked eyes)
I count every broken ceiling (and every losing hearts that die and rust)
you and I, we are us, the wave of another lost generation
eat, sleep, repeat (or the other way around)
repeat, sleep, eat (or the other way around)
watching these crimson poison dominate our vision
erasing the beauty and replace them with inhumanity
how long should we wait for another revelation
years after years, solitude longs and hold to the age of cry
we're no setting sun, sometimes we're just a line in every books written by someone else
cross my hearts, sneak through my eyes, can't you see I'm humming the death
blazing lights of cityscape, dry leaves and parking lot
these dead beats keep calling my name (for reasons I couldn't explain)
these dead beats keep haunting my sleep (for reasons I couldn't comprehent)
these dead beats that keep me awake...

"I never sleep, cause sleep is the cousin of death." - Nasir Jones

Monday, September 17, 2007

Review Film: Death Proof.

Film yang bernuansakan gritty, snotty dan your typical slasher movie ini memang memiliki kelemahan dalam segi plot dan jalannya cerita. Membosankan dan cenderung monoton, namun cukup signifikan jika mengingat karya Tarantino ini sanggup menampilkan kembali gelora film2 lawas dengan efek beset yang ditimbulkan kala film ini diputar, smart moves! Cerita yang cukup mudah dimengerti, dengan tatanan bahasa khas Tarantino yang menggelitik, sarkastik dan sangat liar. Brutal dan kembali mengingatkan kita pada adegan-adegan sadis ala Saw ataupun Kill Bill dengan sentuhan yang lebih terlihat lawas ketimbang anyar. Film ini mungkin tidak seberapa menarik bagi anda yang mengingini plot yang lebih menantang, namun tidak ada salahnya anda having fun dengan film ini! Dijamin anda tidak akan bosan, tentunya dengan suguhan wanita-wanita khas film2 slasher (yang mengandalkan seksualitas dan sensualitas mereka). Dibintangi oleh bintang film kawakan Kurt Russel yang dikenal dalam filmnya yang berjudul Escape From L.A dan beberapa film2 besar beliau lainnya, dibantu oleh beberapa artis seksi Hollywood seperti Rose McGowan, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, dan masih banyak yang lainnya.

Rating: 7/10

Friday, September 7, 2007

Review DVD: Different Directions - Champion's Last Show

Nama Champion tentunya tidak asing bagi penggemar musik hardcore diseluruh dunia. Gaung Chain Of Strength maupun gelora 90an ala In My Eyes terasa menerpa kuping kita dikala mendengarkan materi2 lagu yang dibawakan oleh band yang berasal dari Seattle - Washington ini. Tour demi tour dijalaninya, hingga sampai ke belahan bumi Asia, suatu pencapaian yang sungguh luar biasa. Pesan positif yang dilontarkan serta kredibilitas tinggi yang dimiliki oleh band ini, membuat mereka disejajarkan dalam band-band hardcore yang cukup berpengaruh tahun-tahun belakangan ini. Namun sayang, mereka akhirnya membubarkan diri dikarenakan alasan tertentu. Dan DVD ini cukup menggambarkan betapa gila dan rapatnya massa mereka mendendangkan setiap lagu tanpa henti, impressive! Champion memainkan set terakhir mereka ini dibuka oleh band-band seperti Allegiance, Sinking Ships, Outbreak dan The Answer. Penataan kamera dan penempatan view yang sangat bagus, membuat DVD ini layak utk ditonton...apalagi bagi anda yang kangen ingin pergi ke hardcore show tapi blm kesampaian, DVD ini bisa menjadi pelipur lara sekaligus menjadi substitusi yang sangat bagus. Worth waiting for!

Rating: 8/10

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Annihilation Time.

What would be the end of the world look like? Survival of the richest? Or would it be like grave of modest little man? Under the prescription of white-collar bitches running down the easy lane? Who would’ve known right? Ah fuck it, the sinking ships will always going down no matter how candy-tight our politician’s mouth feed us with top quality bullshit made up of concrete speech. Duh, the world keeps spinning around its space. They took the wood all over again for some furniture needs, the nature keep regressing. I remember once my friend Joe said: “humans keep growing and trees keep dying”, that’s right fella. I bet that’d sum up the whole earth condition right now, but who would care if you can still enjoy the glowing spark of after night spa right? Who would give a flying fuck about all of this if you can sit firm on that Italian chair? Anyway, pardon me for all this ramming lines. I’m just being so fucking frustrated to catch my breath upon my future’s hold. State of confusion, shifting lies among dirty leader’s finest dine talk, bio-warfare, “war on drugs”, racism and bigotry. While the highest bidder could always take up the most luxurious boat out on the great day out, oh well if this is how the world works then I really wish that when I’m dead, zillion crows will fly outta my mouth and swallow those politician’s eyes and cracking their mouth wide open so that they could feel the wildest color of blood running thru their skin. Heroes are dead; they’re all dead in the vulture ground. Left out, captured and disillusioned.

Shall we carry on with something more “civilized” like plastic surgery? Oh well, home of the beauty is in the visible manner. At least that’s what Hollywood tries to convince to us. Conditioned to accept the sub-standard and what the system has offered to us, and that’s including the so-called safety protocol and regulations made by crooks at the department so that they could laugh at us. I mean who would’ve thought that they could getaway from such violation of human rights and shark degree murder by just saying “we are the law, you shall not harm / question us at all cause”. Isn’t it funny to hear all the same bullshit all over again? Law were made by man, decided by man, agreed by those who sit on the comfy couch. Law is not people’s right, it’s some crook’s right to oppress those who cannot fight back. Law is a fictional word being overused by politicians just to justify their position and rank, under any circumstances. You know who’s smarter than any thief in the world? White collar jocks, politicians, businessman, these people are way goddamn smarter than any asses in the world, because you know what? Because they can runaway with such murder by just fore pass the law and completely stepping it off. Law was made to be sold, re-packaged with some extra sauce, ingredients of security and “salvation”. 

Fear is the manifestation of our schizophrenic culture nowadays. Man-made disaster, terrorism, new world order, I mean what else would be there to conclude this whole goddamn mess huh? Perhaps those depicting images on the movie were all right, did you happen to watch A Scanner Darkly? Yes, those shits happen in our age and time. There’ll be lots and lots people got caught up in the shit that they created themselves and considered fucked up (I guess). It’s ours to bear, to witness, to feel, to breath, to consider, to see things, to remember. Welcome to the suck, ladies and gentlemen.

Monday, September 3, 2007


bored....brainless scum,
here and signals,
boredoms consume the air,
boredoms consume the air,
going down, getting narrow(er)
push. flush. out of lush
time to kick the walls
open fire. burst into the mouth
close damage. i can feel it once again
the coming of an age to fall
a new despair.