Tuesday, March 25, 2008

raging streets...

it's echo-ing on both my ears
city nights and bright lights
roaring the whole block
don't you pretend everything's alright
when you could obviously see
we fall out, like the seasons

we were all stolen (high and dry)
neck deep, rise with the haunting eyes
we were all stolen (bit by bit)
neck deep, fall with the cold stare

cold heat inside my mind
stories from the past, what turned us into
lies your teacher brought you up in
these raging streets will always live
as long as we keep on forgetting them
they will never be truly die

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Best of Times - 12/03/08

It's crazy to think that I actually met one of my pen-pal a.k.a email mates over more than a year. Yes, I'm talking about the dude at the pix, his name is Ash and now he's playing in this hardcore/punk band called Miles Away which also played a show at the same day when I was meeting Ash. Holy fuck, I could never describe how I feel...more or less, but it's just one of those days that you really realize...life is amazing, and there is so much to live up to. And meeting Ash is one of those amazing days in my life, and I'm so grateful of it. Oh well, we hung out and did some trading...he gave me BLKOUT! 7" which is rules. He's such a rad bloke, we talked a lot about his trip to Indonesia and such..and he said he enjoyed the trip so much, but he wished to stay longer.

Moreover, the show itself was a big punch...ramming thru my ears and echo-ing in my hearts, just like how you felt when you were falling for someone. That night, the gig was packed up with people from different places gathered around. I made myself some couple bruises and shit, oh perfect. High fives and stage dives all night long! Overall, that day was certainly the best day of this year :)

PS: best wishes for the rest of the band, go on and conquer tha world!