Thursday, January 17, 2008

As The Sun Sets (The World Has Gone Sour) Part 1

Raising up hell (I begin to close my eyes),
Invaders on television, counting profit from artificial daydream
Wake me up from this utter destruction of world's downfall
Cut sick through world's peace, "beauty is in the eye of the stockholder"
Death is approaching silently, like how they made the system looked very subtle
Whisper the sign of defeat, while feeding the nation with fear and anxiety
Crossed out, cross me out from this letter unsent, send my regards to depravity
Where innocence dies like a dust left on every corner of the street
So here I am, waiting the world to come to closure, or is it not yet?
I saw the crimson skies wash me up with such glance, indicating raid
Tell me this is not the end, tell me this is not the end
Loose lips, sink ships (take your life trophy and keep on smiling)
"In the absent of light, the darkness prevail"
And so, both of these cruel hands refuse to understand
History fall like autumn leaves, bathing in blood, the dance of decadence